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You must be 18 years or older to use this site. When dealing with mental health issues always consult your doctor.  While it may help you feel better to talk to others it is not meant to be a
substitute for professional counseling.
Please understand that the owners of this site are here to encourage you, but can in no way be held responsible for your actions. 
By entering and/or proceeding further into this site you are stating that you have read and agree to these terms.

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Please note that the chat room will close on March 7th due to lack of financial support to keep it open. 
If you would like to help 're-open' the room, please click on the 'donations' link and consider a donation of any amount.
We need to raise $170 for this part of the website - and if just 10 people would donate $17 each, we would have enough to keep the room open. 

It has been a privilege to be able to chat with all of you over the past 7 years - and I hope we will be blessed with at least 7 more.  In His Time! 
Until then, THANK YOU for your prayers and support!  Thank you for continuing to use and pray for those on the prayer & praise link above -- submit your prayer/praises via that page. 
The rest of the website will remain open!


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Who Are We?

Have you found the right place to 'hang your hat' and fellowship with others.. Click here to read more about what we hope to accomplish here at Shepherd of Hope!


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Suicide Hotline

We are not professionals!  If you are contemplating suicide, click here to see the suicide hotline numbers in your area. We will talk with you in the chat room, but be clearly advised that we are here to encourage, not to instruct.  Contact 911, your doctor or a number from below and choose life!!

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Check out the videos that have either been featured in the chat room or that we found encouraging and wanted to share with you!

Juice Plus +

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Donations Appreciated!!!

Shepherd of Hope operates on private funds.  
We depend on YOUR donations to help us keep it running. 


If you wish to send a check, please contact Shep.  Thank you for your prayerful and financial support!

*This site is not yet a licensed non-profit ministry, so donations are not tax-deductible,
we are dependent upon donations from people like you, to keep it running for all Christians with chronic illness.






















Some Thoughts on Nutrition

     Disclosure:  Those who know me, know that I am health conscious -- I do what I can to be as healthy as I can be... and that includes eating right, exercising and doing all I am able given my own limitations.  I will be holding chats on health-related topics and things you can do to feel better living with pain, depression and anxiety.  However, because I am this sites administrator, and a distributor of Juice Plus + whole food nutrition, I want to be clear up front that this site is not intended to promote my own personal business.

Juice Plus + Provides the nutritional essence of 17 different fruits, vegetables and grains in a convenient capsule form. Click here to learn more.

However, I want to share with you the benefits of Juice Plus + and will post a link to my Juice Plus + website here for you to visit at your convenience.  If you have any questions or would like to try Juice Plus + or learn more about it - please feel free to contact me at any time via this site or my Juice Plus + website.






















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The Rules We Play By

Please adhere to the "Golden Rule" and be kind to each other.


Select ONE user name and stick with it. (Using multiple id's will result in a warning or banning from the room). 


User names must be appropriate (defined as free of bad language or intimations).


No swearing, spamming or flaming -- or you will be banned from using the room. 


No posting of websites without permission from an administrator first (this includes doing so in private messages).


Do not use this room for a dating site - there are plenty of those elsewhere.


You must be 18 years of age to chat here - if it is discovered you are not, you will be asked to leave.


The use of "OMG" will not be allowed here - "OMGosh" is acceptable, use of the Lord's name in vain is prohibited.


We are an Evangelical Chat Room - do not come here to debate our faith or the faith of the users here.


If the Admin or Moderator says so - it is so - end of discussion.























Suicide Hotline Numbers

***You must be 18 years of age or older to use this chat room -- any exceptions MUST be pre-approved by the administration!

FOR ANY REASON THE ADMINISTRATION DEEMS NECESSARY - it is a privilege to chat here - not a right!  Enjoy!

bullet If you experience any problems in the Chat Room -- please feel free to speak with me.  If the situation can't wait until you see me in the room, you may send an email to me: Shep We are here to support, not to counsel professionally -- you visit here at your own risk -- so talk with your own doctor before making any changes to his treatment for you.  God Bless you as you work through your issues. 
bullet Remember, we are NOT PROFESSIONALS - if you have an emergency, you should dial 911 or call your local hospital for help.  If you are dealing with suicidal thoughts, please contact the National Suicide Hotline in the USA at 1-800-273-Talk (8255) or visit to find the hotlines in your own state. 
bullet If you are outside of the USA and would like to talk to someone about suicidal feelings please CLICK HERE
bullet Passed by the U.S. Congress in November 1998, the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) requires operators of online services or Web sites to obtain parental consent prior to the collection, use, disclosure, or display of the personal information of children 13 years of age or younger.
bullet Shepherd of Hope Ministry is concerned about the safety and privacy of all its users, particularly children. I recommend that you talk to your parents or legal guardian about your situation. If that is not possible, then please contact a pastor or Christian counselor in your area.  By logging into the chat room, you acknowledge you are 18 years of age or older.

Helpful Resources:  Get some counseling right now by contacting AACC for a referral to a Christian counselor near you at or New Life at 1-800-NEW-LIFE (639-5433) or the nearest mental health agency.














































Is Shepherd of Hope 'just the place' you have been looking for?

Are you struggling with depression, anxiety, panic attacks, fibromyalgia, difficulty sleeping, thoughts of suicide or just feel like giving up?  Do you lack the motivation to get through a single day?  Would you benefit from coping skills, a sleep hygiene program that really works, simple recipes to help you with fixing meals?  Would you like to learn how to pamper yourself so that you are better able to cope with the stresses of daily life?  Would you like to chat with others who will encourage and support you in your Christian walk?  Would you benefit from hearing what has helped others?  Are you a care-giver to someone with chronic illness? 

Are you wondering about your salvation in Jesus Christ?  Do you just want a little encouragement for yourself today?  Are you interested in learning more about good nutrition and perhaps learn more about products like Juice Plus?  Do you eat whole foods - fruits, vegetables and whole grains daily?  Would you like to be a part of a place where people come to support and encourage each other? 

Shepherd of Hope Christian Chat & Chronic Illness Support Ministry is all of this and more... we continue to grow and expand our information to help as many people as possible to live fuller, more godly lives.  And we want YOU to join us and get to know others who share in your 'dis'ability so that together we can move from "Surviving" to "Thriving" in this daily routine called life. 

This description does not replace our Statement of Purpose - it is just a little more information about what we do here, and how we hope to minister to those who come here.

Join us in the Chat Room by clicking on the Blue CHAT NOW button at the top of the page and get started talking with others today!! No Registration Required to Chat!